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Activ Clear

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ACTIV CLEAR is a self-cleaning glasses that stays cleaner for longer. A permanent, transparent coating on the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently breakdown and remove dirt and grime such as dried, dirty water marks, dust and insect residues.


Less frequent cleaning - windows stay cleaner for longer

Much easier cleaning - less dirt and grime adheres to the glass

Save money - the cost of window cleaning is reduced

Ideal for hard to reach areas - such as roofs

The most neutral self-cleaning glass available

No unsightly tint or reflective surface - looks just like normal glass

Permanent coating - lasts the lifetime of the window

Environmentally friendly - less frequent use of water and detergents

Where can it be used?

Its remarkable properties make it ideal for most outdoor applications, particularly in areas which are difficult or dangerous to access:

Windows and doors


Conservatories (don't forget the window above your conservatory!)


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