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Decorative Laminating

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LamEX is available in a wide range of glasses, interlayer’s and therefore thicknesses and can be used to satisfy all safety glazing requirements.  Our glass thicknesses range from 4mm to 19mm and when combined with the EVASAFE interlayer’s you can reach any thickness required. The interlayer used Bridgestone EVASAFE is known for its high transparency and long term reliability and is therefore suitable for internal and external use. 

Using glass as a substrate, a colourful range of surface paints or lacquers can be applied. You can choose to encapsulate a diverse selection of materials and images in addition to linterlayer’s, for sound control, privacy and decorative effects. 

Patterned and tinted glasses can be laminated and materials such as film, wood, fabrics and metal can be bonded between the panes to create unique finishes.

The potential applications for LamEX are vast and include:– Partitions, Balustrades, Shower Screens, Doors, Furniture, Stair Treads, Work Tops, Signage, Table Tops,  Exhibition displays and Flooring.

With such a breadth of designer finishes and materials available contact us with your requirements.

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