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Pilkington K

Product Details

Pilkington K Glass is a low emissivity coated glass which is easily stocked, processed and installed.
Pilkington K Glass usually forms the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU).  The coating reflects heat back into the room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun known as passive solar gain. Pilkington K Glass helps windows to achieve high Window Energy Ratings to demonstrate compliance with energy saving Building Regulations Part L.

How it Works

The glass in your windows absorbs heat then radiates it again on the colder, outside, surface. Pilkington K Glass has a so-called low emissivity coating which is positioned on surface 3 (counting from the outside) of the Insulating Glass Unit (IGU).

The low emissivity coating is a poor radiator of heat. So the heat absorbed by the coated glass does not travel across the air gap to the outer pane and the cold outside world. Instead the coating reflects the heat back into the room.

Windows incorporating Pilkington K Glass allow heat from the sun through and keep heat inside, making it easier and more cost effective to keep buildings warm.

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