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Frosted Satin

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Frosted SATIN is glass that is a form of glass that is designed to be specifically opaque and to secure privacy. It's stylish and trendy appearance tends to be used in homes and modern-day office spaces. 

When used in the home, SATIN helps to create a unique feeling of warmth and elegance by diffusing light and emitting a certain purity of colour and light into the room.

Both internally and externally, SATIN provides privacy by obscuring unwanted attention and/or distractions, both without compromising light levels. This creates a sense of a piece of mind and security when in the comfort of your own home. 

Thanks to its satin smooth surface, the glass does not mark with the likes of dirt and fingerprints as readily as traditional etched and sandblasted glasses, providing a low maintenance product. Thankfully, no additional treatments for the surface area are needed once purchased and fitted. 

Ideal for use in interiors, SATIN can be sited in a wide variety of applications: 

  • Doors
  • Signage
  • Shower screens (the acid etched face needs to be positioned away from contact with the water)
  • Wall cladding
  • Balustrades
  • Furniture, eg cupboard doors, shelves and tables.


Express Toughening proudly manufactures Frosted SATIN glass for all client needs. Our bespoke glass can be fitted to a number of different amenities and our workforce will help in any way possible! Contact us today about our Frosted SATIN glass and enquire about what else we can offer! Call us on 020 8500 1188. Alternatively, e-mail us at

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