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Black Cranked Pull Handle (600mm Centres)

Product Number: QIC/HW00177



Step up your door aesthetics with the black cranked pull handle. Measuring at 600 x 25 x 38mm, these handles provide contemporary elegance and unparalleled functionality. Crafted to match glass wood doors, they bring versatility to the forefront.

These handles have been engineered for a perfect fit on 10-12.8mm thick glass doors. Offered in two stunning finishes, powder-coated black, and brushed stainless steel, they cater to varied design sensibilities.

Installation is simplified with the back-to-back approach, complimented by the standard 600 mm glass drilling centers and a necessary 14 mm hole drilling. For a polished and refined look, the handles incorporate hidden grub screw fixings, making visible screws a thing of the past. Glass protection gaskets come as standard to ensure a secure fit while preventing any potential scratches or damage.

Each purchase includes a pair of handles, and an Allen key for effortless mechanical adjustments. Standing 65 mm from the door surface, these handles offer optimal grip without compromising on style.

Black Cranked Pull Handle Features:

  • Dimensions: Modern dimensions of 600 x 25 x 38mm for a standout appearance.
  • Design: On-trend square cranked design.
  • Finish Options: Powder-coated black and brushed stainless steel.
  • Door Compatibility: For both Glass doors.
  • Glass Specifications: Compatible with 10 mm to 12.8 mm thick glass.
  • Installation: Back-to-back method supported by standard 600 mm glass drilling centers and a 14 mm drilling requirement.
  • Sleek Finish: Equipped with hidden grub screw fixings for a clean aesthetic.
  • Height Protrusion: Protrudes a comfortable 65 mm from the door surface.
  • Protection & Fit: Supplied with standard glass protection gaskets for a snug and safe fit.
  • Package Details: Sold as a pair with an Allen key for installation.
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