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Bespoke mirrors are the best way to combine utility and beauty in one common household item. Whether you want a custom glass mirror for purely practical reasons, or would prefer it to double as a decorative feature for your wall, our premium-quality custom mirrors are the perfect solution.

A made-to-measure mirror from Express Toughening is an excellent addition to any home or business. They reflect light beautifully to create the illusion of larger spaces. Available in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes, these products also come with polished edges to complete the look.

Our cut-to-size mirrors are not only suitable for household use in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, but also for commercial settings. From retail changing rooms and hair salon stations to gyms and dance studios, there are so many possible applications for our mirrors.

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If your building could benefit from a mirror made to measure, we can supply one to your exact requirements. Our custom glass mirrors can be cut into a variety of shapes, and you can also specify the dimensions to ensure it fits into your space perfectly.

All custom size mirrors from Express Toughening are manufactured in the UK using 6mm thick glass* in your choice of classic silver or tinted grey or bronze. We also offer an antique bronze mirror option if you want to achieve a vintage aesthetic.

You’ll also have the choice of safety backing with drill holes for screw mounting, or foil backing suitable for directly adhering to the wall. Don’t forget to browse our mirror fittings for any extras you might need when placing your order.


Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted mirror for your private home or business premises, our glass mirrors cut to size can provide just the solution. Not only can you choose from several finishes, but we can also manufacture glass mirrors in many shapes beyond the standard rectangle or circle, so they can fit wherever they need to.

Depending on the shape, our mirror glass can go up to 3000mm wide and 1500mm high in size, ideal for creating mirror walls in leisure or recreational spaces. All of our bespoke mirrors are 6mm thick, ensuring they’re strong yet slim and unobtrusive.

As you’ll see when using our online ordering tool to design your custom glass mirror, there are plenty of options available – but if you need something specific that isn’t listed as a selection, you can always reach out to us to enquire about a quote for a bespoke size, shape, thickness, or amendment, and we’ll do our best to help you.

If you have any questions about our custom-made mirrors, don’t hesitate to contact the Express Toughening team for expert advice.

*Please note that our bespoke mirrors are not made with toughened glass.

  • Grey MirrorSilver Custom Mirror

    Household Mirrors

    Here at Express Toughening, mirrors are currently available in four different finishes: Silver, Grey, Bronze and Bronze Antique. Our custom mirrors are avilable in 6mm thickness. Designed to fit seamlessly within any room, offering a luxury look and feel. They can also be shaped, cut and polished to your individual requirements.

    Foil and clear backing are offered as standard. Foil backing is recommended for rooms that may contain moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens, this type of backing will not only provide safety in the event of breakage, but will also help prevent condensation. Our clear safety backing will help reduce injury in the event of breakage by holding the larger pieces of glass together.

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  • Mirror

    Commercial Mirrors

    Our commercial mirrors are available in four different finishes: Silver, Grey, Bronze and Bronze Antique. Designed to fit seamlessly within any room, offering a luxury look and feel. They can also be shaped, cut and polished to your individual requirements.

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions below.

Where can you install bespoke mirrors?

One of the many benefits of custom-made glass mirrors is that they are produced to your exact specifications, meaning you can tailor the design to fit precisely into place where you plan to install them – both spatially and aesthetically.

The convenience of this customisability means you can order a bespoke mirror to use almost anywhere. Order a household mirror for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, hallway, or kitchen in your house or apartment, or a commercial mirror for your studio, salon, fitness centre, office, eatery, or boutique.

There’s no need to worry about the mirror not fitting or looking awkward, because you can order a sheet of mirror glass in the exact shape and size you want to fill. You’ll just need to provide the design specifying any cut-outs, notches, drilled holes, or corner adjustments you require, and Express Toughening will provide a quote and do the rest.

How do you mount a glass mirror?

You might choose to order a large piece of glass mirrors cut to size to use as a free-standing or leaner mirror, or you might intend to hang it on a wall – whether that’s an open stretch of wall or above an item of furniture or other interior design feature.

Wherever you choose to install your bespoke glass mirror, you should make sure to use a suitable method of mounting it that will prevent it from falling off and breaking. For example, simple mirror adhesive may be best for smaller mirrors on smooth surfaces, while mirror screws are likely to keep much larger mirrors more secure on a wall.

Of course, if you want to use screws, bear in mind that this will require screwing them into the wall behind the mirror – and for this to be possible without damaging the glass, you should request pre-drilled holes where you want them to be when you order.

Is mirror glass easy to maintain?

Just like any glass, mirror glass is a resilient material that resists splashes and stains, so all you need to do to maintain it is avoid knocking into the glass and wipe the surface clean with a cloth and soapy water whenever it gets smudged or dirty.

As long as you ensure that the mirror is properly and securely mounted, or out of the way of trip hazards and anyone (or any pets) that might accidentally knock or scratch it, you shouldn’t have to worry about it falling over or someone falling into it.

However, our glass mirrors are made from standard annealed glass, so they are not as resistant to impacts and can shatter if broken. Should this happen, be very careful cleaning it up – but the good news is, ordering a replacement that’s an exact match to the previous mirror’s measurements will be easy at Express Toughening.

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