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Conservatory Glass

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    Activ Blue is an attractive blue glass that combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance for a cooler internal environment.

    The blue tint offers aesthetic appeal and optimum performance. Keeping your conservatory cooler in summer is integral to the enjoyment you’ll get out of this new living space and Activ Blue helps keep internal temperatures cooler whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance.

    In order to keep your conservatory, looking great you will need to ensure that it is kept clean all year round. While this admittedly sounds like a huge undertaking it’s very easy to do.

    Activ Blue has self-cleaning properties which means that it uses the forces of nature to keep your glass looking great.


    Activ Neutral is a dual-function glass that provide both solar protection and a self-cleaning low-maintenance coating on the outside surface.  These unique glasses combine two coatings so you can have the best of both worlds!

    The self clean coating harnesses UV light and rain to efficiently breakdown and rinse away dirty residues so your windows stay cleaner for longer. At the same time the solar coating blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside therefore keeping the interior temperature cooler during sunny spells.


    • Less frequent and much easier cleaning – windows stay cleaner for longer
    • Save money – the cost of window cleaning is therefore reduced
    • Ideal for hard to reach areas – such as conservatory roofs
    • Permanent coatings – last the lifetime of the window
    • Attractive appearance and reduced glare, whilst letting in plenty natural daylight.
    • Offers good solar control performance, helping to keep rooms cooler during sunny periods.
    • Environmentally friendly – less frequent use of water, detergents and additional cooling equipment.


    This glass is particularly suited to applications where access for cleaning is either difficult or dangerous. It also allows for large areas of glazing, whilst reducing glare and excessive heat build up.

    • Conservatory roofs
    • Windows
    • Patio doors / other external doors.


    Activ Clear is a self-cleaning glasses that stays cleaner for longer. A permanent, transparent coating on the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently breakdown and remove dirt and grime such as dried, dirty water marks, dust and insect residues.


    • Less frequent cleaning – windows stay cleaner for longer
    • Much easier cleaning – less dirt and grime adheres to the glass
    • Save money – the cost of window cleaning is reduced
    • Ideal for hard to reach areas – such as roofs
    • The most neutral self-cleaning glass available
    • No unsightly tint or reflective surface – looks just like normal glass
    • Permanent coating – lasts the lifetime of the window
    • Environmentally friendly – less frequent use of water and detergents.


    Its remarkable properties make it ideal for most outdoor applications, particularly in areas which are difficult or dangerous to access:

    • Windows and doors
    • Roofs
    • Conservatories (don’t forget the window above your conservatory!)
    • Balconies.


    Planitherm 4S combines solar control and thermal insulating properties, providing a comfortable year round environment.

    Planitherm 4S is ideal for conservatory applications and can be used in both the roofs and the vertical glazing.


    • Thermal insulation: reduces heat loss more effectively than traditional low-E products
    • Solar protection: reflects up to 57% of solar heat gain through conservatory sidewalls and as much as 71% when used in conjunction with BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE ST in the roof
    • Energy efficient: reduced need for heating and cooling protects the environment and saves you money
    • Visual comfort: maximising natural light and reducing glare provides an enhanced level of visual comfort
    • Neutral appearance: beautiful neutral appearance matched the rest of your glazing.


    Anti Sun is a body tinted glass, manufactured in the same was a clear float glass, however has a coloured appearance as well as solar control properties.

    It is intended for universal applications, where an attractive appearance or basic collar control property is required.

    • Interior applications for decoration, fittings and furniture
    • External application in single or double glazing, for facades and overhead glazing.
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