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Fire Safety Glass

4 Reasons why you should invest in Fire Safety Glass!

Fire safety glass is becoming increasingly more popular. Ideal for windows, doors and partitions, designed to withstand heat for longer without cracking and falling out of place. The properties of fire glass make them perfect for proofing …

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Kitchen glass splashback

Are glass splashbacks worth it?

At Express Toughening, we’re confident that we can help! Offering the highest quality glass splashbacks, including everything from toughened glass to mirrors and fire glass – we’re your go-to toughened glass suppliers in Essex. In a bid to work …

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Clear laminated glass

Toughened Glass Vs Laminated Glass

Safety glass has become an increasingly popular in modern architecture. It is often used for commercial buildings, residential homes and outdoor spaces. Most industries and consumers can benefit from the versatility of glass. As …

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