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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Product Description

Need a practical and fashionable kitchen upgrade? A tempered glass kitchen splashback, also known as toughened glass, could be exactly what your cooking area is lacking. Whether it’s for a home kitchen or a workplace break room, anyone can benefit from the stunning aesthetic and functionality of glass splashbacks.

Toughened glass is heat-resistant and stands up to grease and spills, making it conveniently low-maintenance. Our bespoke glass kitchen splashbacks are the perfect eye-catching feature to transform your cooking space, whilst also protecting the wall from splashes, moisture, and stains.

Tempered glass splashbacks are the ultimate luxury addition for sophisticated kitchens, and we believe we offer the best products here at Express Toughening Ltd. So say goodbye to discoloured walls and stressful cooking messes, and say hello to one of our durable and beautiful safety glass kitchen splashbacks.

We manufacture each of our made-to-order kitchen splashbacks to the highest standard, so they’re safe and suitable for all domestic kitchens. Since it’s common to install kitchen splashbacks behind sinks or hobs, it makes sense to use highly resistant toughened glass to protect the walls in these areas, which is why we process them specifically to withstand environments like this.

You can even order fittings at the same time to secure your kitchen splashback to the wall when it arrives, including silicone-based glue and dome-head screws. Specialist adhesive is best for creating a seamless look, but if you plan to mount your splashback with screws, remember to specify that you would like drilled holes when you place your order.

Why not make your home or business truly unique by creating a visually impressive focal point with one of our custom toughened glass splashbacks? Scroll down to learn more about our kitchen splashbacks and create your bespoke product below.


At Express Toughening Ltd, we produce bespoke safety glass splashbacks in a selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Following our easy online ordering tool below, you can choose from our range of popular colours and prints, upload your own image, or colour-match with your kitchen décor. We can match colour codes from most major systems, including Pantone, Dulux, and RAL.

From fun modern finishes like glitter glass and crackle glass to clean and classy mirrored glass* or painted glass, there’s something to suit every individual’s taste. We can manufacture almost any shape or size, and even add features such as cut-outs, radius corners, and notches. Simply enter your required dimensions and select any extras before adding to your basket.

A popular option that we offer as an extra is a polymer coating, which is especially useful when installing a glass splashback in a kitchen or bathroom. This repels water, soap scum, and rust, helping to protect your product from damage and keep it in prime condition for longer.

Order your 6mm thick toughened glass kitchen splashback online today to benefit from our state-of-the-art products and unbeatable lead times. If you can’t find the options you need or have any issues with digital images for printed splashbacks, just give us a call on 020 8500 1188. The glass experts at Express Toughening are always happy to offer advice and assistance.

*Please note that while splashbacks can be used anywhere you choose, mirrored glass splashbacks are NOT toughened, and are therefore NOT safe for use behind a heat source.

Only glass that is specified as ‘toughened’ will have heat-resistant properties, so please bear this in mind when selecting your splashback design.

If you require more information about this before placing an order with us, please contact our team for further guidance.


  • Express Delivery available on this product.
  • This product is manufactured in the UK.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Polished edges included.
  • Mirror is not a toughened product.
  • Mirror is not suitable behind a heat source.

Please Select The Style Below

Toughened Low Iron Glass (extra clear)
Mirror Glass
Mirrored Crackle Glass
Toughened Glitter Glass
Toughened Painted Glass
Toughened Printed Glass (Upload or Select image)

Please Select The Shape Below

Left Hand Rake
Right Hand Rake
Double Rake Irregular
Left Hand "L" Shape
Reverse "T" shape
Right Hand "L" Shape

Please fill in the dimensions below

(please note to allow a 2mm tolerance in all designs)


  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 100Max: 2000

Left Hand Rake

  • Min: 100Max: 1500

  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 10Max: 1499

Right Hand Rake

  • Min: 10Max: 1499

  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 100Max: 1500

Double Rake Irregular

  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 100Max: 1465

  • Min: 10Max: 1499

  • Min: 10Max: 2999


  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 10Max: 2000

  • Min: 100Max: 1999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

Left Hand L Shape

  • Left Hand L Shape

    Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

  • Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Min: 10Max: 1999

Right Hand L Shape

  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

  • Min: 100Max: 2000

  • Min: 10Max: 1999

Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Left)

  • Min: 100Max: 3000

  • Min: 250Max: 2999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

Cut Off Corner Rectangle (Right)

  • Min: 100Max: 3000

  • Min: 250Max: 2999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999

  • Min: 10Max: 2999


  • Circle

    Min: 330Max: 1500


  • Ellipse

    Min: 330Max: 3000

  • Min: 330Max: 1500


  • Min: 250Max: 3000


  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 250Max: 1500

  • Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Max: 90


  • Min: 250Max: 3000


  • Min: 360Max: 1500

  • Min: 360Max: 3000


  • Triangle Shape - A (length), B (Height)

    Min: 250Max: 3000

  • Min: 100Max: 3000

Please select product extras if required

  • Cut Outs

    Cut outs should not be smaller than the thickness of the glass, or closer to the edge than 2.5 times the thickness of the glass, or larger than 30% of overall glass size. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed. Please upload any drawings if possible. Please upload any drawings below if possible.

  • Notches

    Any polished notch will have an internal radius of at least 14mm. Non polished notches will be approximately 7mm internal radius. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed. Please upload any drawings below if possible.

  • Drill Holes

    Any drilled holes must be the same size or greater than the thickness of your glass selected. (For example 10mm glass can only have a hole of 10mm in diameter or greater). Drilled holes must be within reasonable distance from edge of the glass or other holes / cut-outs to prevent breaking when toughened. A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed. Please upload any drawings below if possible.

  • Radius Corners

    A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed. Please upload any drawings below if possible.

  • Dubbed Corners

    A customer service representative will contact you regarding your exact requirements if needed.

  • Please share all diagrams, drawings and specifications (maximum of 10 files allowed)Max file size: 8 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

  • Polymer coating protects glass with a barrier that repels water, soil, stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits.

Product total

Extras total

Grand total

Please Select The Thickness Below

Please Select The Colour Below

Grey Glitter
Black Glitter
Lime Green
Lime Green Glitter
Pink Glitter
Purple Glitter
Sky Blue
White Glitter
Custom Colour
No Colour
Antique Bronze Mirror
Bronze Mirror
Grey Mirror
Silver Mirror
Bronze crackle
Grey crackle
Silver crackle
Additional Crackle Colours

Or enter a colour of your choice

Not sure about your colour code?

You can find relevant colour codes for different providers using the links below:

Dulux Pantone Ral Crown Farrow Ball Laura Ashley

Please Select The Upload or select image for print Below

No Print
White Marble
Black Marble
Deer Print
Stone Brick
Custom Print

Upload Print

Please note to achieve the best results images should be uploaded with a minimum of 300 dpi in CYMK colour format.

Shutterstock ID

Alternatively provide us with an ID number from and we’ll purchase this print for you.

Our team of experts will be sure to check all artwork before processing your order.

For express 24/48 hour delivery, call 020-8500-1188

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Need help designing, templating or installing your splashback project? Then speak to our recommended partner.

The Splashback Co.
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T: 020 7965 7492

Additional information


Clear Toughened Glass, Toughened Low Iron Glass (extra clear), Mirror Glass, Mirrored Crackle Glass, Toughened Glitter Glass, Toughened Painted Glass, Toughened Printed Glass (Upload or Select image)


Rectangle, Left Hand Rake, Right Hand Rake, Double Rake Irregular, Left Hand "L" Shape, Reverse "T" shape, Right Hand "L" Shape


4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18.5mm, 19mm


Grey Glitter, Black, Black Glitter, Lime Green, Lime Green Glitter, Pink Glitter, Purple Glitter, Sky Blue, Teal, White, White Glitter, Yellow, Custom Colour, No Colour, Antique Bronze Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Grey Mirror, Silver Mirror, Bronze crackle, Grey crackle, Silver crackle, Additional Crackle Colours

Upload or select image for print

No Print, White Marble, Black Marble, Copper, Deer Print, Lake, Stone Brick, Custom Print


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Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions below.

Are glass kitchen splashbacks heat resistant?

In line with British Standards (BS EN 12150), our toughened glass splashbacks are heat resistant to 250°C. While non-tempered glass or acrylic kitchen splashbacks are likely to crack or even melt from repetitive exposure to high temperatures, heat-resistant tempered glass kitchen splashbacks will hold up against the heat of busy cooking areas.

The 6mm thick toughened glass is also strong enough to resist knocks and scratches, and easy to wipe clean of food and drink splashes so they don’t form stains. Not only are they an attractive additional element of décor for any modern kitchen, but they’re also extremely practical, making them a cost-effective investment for a simple kitchen makeover.

However, you should bear in mind that heat resistant does not mean fireproof – these glass kitchen splashbacks are not made using fire-rated glass. Equally, the finish can affect the level of heat resistance, which is why products like mirror glass aren’t suitable for use near an oven or hob unless toughened. Toughened low iron glass is often the best choice for glass kitchen splashbacks.

Can I install a glass kitchen splashback behind a gas hob?

The toughened glass kitchen splashbacks we manufacture at Express Toughening are safe to install behind a hob area due to their enhanced heat resistance. The tempered glass can withstand heat, steam, and hot liquids up to 250°C – but it’s best not to install the glass too close to the hob.

Especially for gas hobs, which have an open flame, the 6mm glass splashback on the wall should be around 100mm from the edge of the hob/stovetop. It should never be in direct contact with a heat source – so your pots and pans shouldn’t be touching the splashback while you’re cooking.

Splatters of hot food and condensation from steam are inevitable, but you should try to wipe it away as soon as possible rather than letting it build up. Highly pigmented foods and liquids can stain, so this is important for preserving the kitchen splashback’s appearance as well as its integrity.

Can I order a custom glass kitchen splashback design?

Of course you can! By using our online order tool below, you can select the glass finish, dimensions, shape, and extra features that you want for your bespoke glass kitchen splashback. We offer several set shapes for glass splashbacks, such as double rakes and reverse Ts, because more complex shapes can be impractical and compromise the overall integrity of the piece.

However, you can request extra measures to customise your kitchen splashback even further. You can add dubbed corners or radius corners, drilled holes or notches, and internal cut-outs if you need to accommodate fittings like electrical sockets and cooker hoods. If you’d like to request a quote or check the viability of custom glass splashback cut-outs, please contact us.

One of the most creative ways to customise a glass kitchen splashback is to choose your own image to be digitally printed behind the glass. We offer six set designs for printed glass splashbacks, which include stunning marble-effect, imitation brick, and nature prints. However, you can also provide your own digital image, as long as the resolution allows a high-quality scaled print and you have permission to use it. Get in touch if you need to check the image size and format requirements.

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