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Mirror & Splashback Adhesive – 290ml Tube

Product Number: mirror adhesive
Product Description

Mirror & splashback extra strength adhesive is ideal for bonding mirror or glass splashbacks onto wood, concrete, stone, glass and metal. Xtragrip® is easy to work with, stays permanently elastic, and does not corrode the mirror coating.

Xtragrip is a solvent-free, neutral, silicone based single component adhesive (oxime-free).



  • Porous surfaces must first be treated with a primer
  • Technical characteristics Basis: polysiloxane (oxime-free)
  • Consistency: stable paste
  • Curing system: polymerisation by humidity
  • Skin formation: approx. 10 min. (+20°C and 65% rel. humidity)
  • Curing speed: 1mm / 24 h. (+20°C and 65% rel. humidity)
  • Density: 1.36
  • Thermal stability: -50°C to +120°C
  • cartridge of 290 ml

Please note: adhesive must not be used on mirrors with safety backing, in this instance we would recommend adding drill holes and mounting with mirror dome head screws.

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