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Juliet Balconies

Juliet Balcony Systems

Here at Express Toughening Ltd, we are proud to offer a range of bespoke glass Juliet balcony options that include glass panels and hardware.

Our toughened laminated safety glass is ideal for both external and internal and top-mounted or side-mounted Juliet balconies.

Available in a range of sizes and glass thicknesses, with a choice of silver or matt grey hardware, and tested to BS 6180 standards.

Glass Juliet Balconies

Our living and working spaces should be as comfortable as possible, with quick and easy access to natural light and fresh air – which is why Juliet balconies have become such a popular solution as space-saving balconies.

If you have a room on an upper floor with a large window, installing a balustrade across the opening can create a minimal yet safe barrier, allowing you to experience the benefits of a balcony without requiring complicated structural alterations.

Also known as a balconette or Juliet guarding, the name references the balcony scene in the famous play, Romeo & Juliet – adding a touch of romantic sophistication to the functional element of a protective barrier.

This stylish and cost-effective alternative to projecting balconies has been updated from classic wrought metal or timber railings, now featuring modern balustrades made from toughened laminated glass instead.

The ideal material for a chic balcony guarding, glass Juliet balconies look great against most exteriors, with a selection of minimal metal fixing mechanisms available to preserve the structure’s slimline appearance.

Toughened Laminate Juliet Balconies

Using toughened laminated glass ensures that our Juliet balcony systems achieve an unobstructed view while being completely safe.

Strong and secure, toughened laminated safety glass doesn’t break easily, and if it does shatter from an accidental impact, the interlayer will hold the pieces in place to maintain the barrier.

This allows you to relax and enjoy the experience of fresh air and natural light from the safety and comfort of your room, all thanks to the cost-efficient ‘faux’ balcony guarding the opening.

As the ultimate durable and attractive material for minimalist barriers, our glass Juliet balconies are perfect for contemporary homes and commercial premises alike – so why not upgrade yours with this attractive and practical new feature?

Take a look at our glass Juliet balcony systems and place your order online today, or if you need more information, get in touch with the Express Toughening team for assistance.

Juliet Balconies
  • Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Top Mount System (RAL 7016 Matt Finish)

    Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & Top Mount System – White, Grey OR Black

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Juliet Balcony

    Juliet Balcony, Toughened Laminate Glass with Fittings

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Side Mount System (RAL 7016 Matt Finish)Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Side Mount System - grey or white

    Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & Side Mount System – White, Grey OR Black

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & Top Mount System (Aluminium Anodised)

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Side Mount System (Aluminium Mill Finish)Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Side Mount System

    Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & Side Mount System

    Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Customer Testimonials

Superb customer service from the Express Toughening team – when I made a mistake on my order online, they dealt with the issue quickly organising partial refund immediately. My order arrived quickly and their courier messaged me before delivery to check I was in. Quality product at the best price I found online.

Andrew Cooke
United Kingdom

A massive Thankyou to Helen from Express Toughening for being so patient, co-operative and helpful with my orders. She resolved a re-make without any fuss and in an extremely timely manner. If you want glass – go to Express Toughening and ask for Helen!

Kiron Kular
United Kingdom

Extremely easy company to deal with, glass ordered weeks ago and asked for a specific delivery date due to glass testing and no one being onsite. Delivered on time and when asked for other types glass stated they couldn’t help but recommended an equally helpful company!!

wouldn’t hesitate to use again.


Andy Beviere
United Kingdom

I’ve used Express Toughening twice now and have been very impressed with the glass they have supplied and also the helpfulness of the staff. The first job was a couple of years ago when they supplied me with a 6mm satin frosted toughened glass door for our shower room. From my measurements they supplied a fabulous door which had the hinge and lock holes cut out and also took into account the out of square measurement of the door frame. It fitted a treat and is stunning to look at.

More recently (late last year) they supplied me with painted toughened glass splash backs (7 items altogether in 6mm glass with the biggest being 2.1 metres long), all cut to my sizes and with numerous switch and socket cut-outs. My local glass supplier said they could not cut out the close together sockets and switches, but Express did and got it spot on!

As with the glass door, the splash backs were delivered to me by Expresses’ own transport and without any problems and quality issues.

After the scary bit of fitting them all the result is faultless and stunning. Thanks go to Alex who helped me with the ordering process and technical aspects of glass splash backs.

Brian White
United Kingdom

Online purchase

4mm toughened glass for greenhouse.

Although slightly dubious about ordering from a company I’ve never heard of and not local (300mile away) I’m so glad I took the plunge.

A great customer service from Helen and the team from start to finish, clearly there was nothing for me to worry about.

Their website is easy to use and made ordering online a doddle and for those shapes, they don’t have on their website a quick email and rough diagram sorted any issues there.

All glass arrived on time well packed and with no breakages.

It’s a company I wouldn’t hesitate to use again and I’d definitely recommend it to others who need quality glass cut to size.

David Convery
United Kingdom

Excellent product.
Exactly what it says on the tin.
Brilliant, friendly service from Helen.
Definitely recommended.
(And we’re on the Scottish border)

Tony Fields
United Kingdom

Fantastic service, fantastic prices and fantastic products – I could not recommend Express Toughening highly enough – I got an immediate response to my request for a quotation, and Helen was so helpful in answering my questions. Order placement was easy and everything arrived exactly on time and as promised. I won’t look anywhere else for my next order – great prices (way cheaper than other quotes) and great service!

Thank you!

Tony Owen
United Kingdom

We have been using Express toughening for a number of years, mainly for glass screens and Toughened Glass for balustrade. The company are always reliable, deliveries always on time and friendly helpful service.

Sam Richardson
United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions below.

How do Juliet balconies work?

A Juliet balcony is not the same as a traditional balcony – in fact, rather than being a true balcony, it is simply a guardrail over an opening to protect against falls from a height. This is why the structure is professionally known as a Juliet guarding.

While a typical balcony would have external floor space, such as an attached platform, Juliet balconies don’t extend outwards. A guard railing or solid balustrade is simply fitted across the outside (or inside) of the opening.

This allows you to stand at the barrier while still being sheltered indoors, opening the window or glass doors to enjoy the breeze, sunlight, and outdoor sounds.

Juliet guardings have the aesthetic benefit of looking like a balcony without the expense and complexity of constructing one outside, improving the curb appeal and property value of any building, as they can improve its appearance and enhance its functionality.

However, while Juliet balconies are typically permitted developments, you should be sure to consult your local authority regarding planning permissions and building regulations for structural safety.

What can you use a Juliet balcony for?

Some may not see the point of a Juliet balcony, as it’s not a ‘real’ balcony that you can walk out onto, or use as extra outdoor space for furniture or plants.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use your Juliet balcony in a similar way, though – especially when you install a glass balustrade to minimise the separation, improving the view and making it feel as though you could be outside when you’re sitting or standing in front of it.

Depending on the type of window or door that accesses the opening, and how much clearance you need to leave around it, you could set up a small table and chairs in front of the Juliet guarding to feel like you’re dining al fresco, or add comfy seating in easy reach of a bookshelf.

You can also create a focal point of the balcony area from the inside with decorative features like curtains, string lights, and hanging plants, helping you to enjoy the ‘indoor-outdoor’ style that’s fast becoming an essential part of modern living.

It’s a great option to have in a workspace, too, as it allows people to take calming breaks and get a breath of fresh air without going all the way outside.

How are Juliet balconies mounted?

The biggest advantage when it comes to using a glass panel for a Juliet balcony is that it performs the function of a safety barrier without the material compromising the view or blocking the natural light. Most installations aim to make the most of this feature by using minimalist fixing methods.

There are many possible ways to secure a Juliet guarding to a building façade, or even across the opening from the inside. While some may prefer a handrail across the top, a slimline Juliet balcony system will forego this element so the view remains unobstructed.

As the balustrade is made of toughened laminated glass, it should comply with safety standards for protecting against falls from a height, without requiring a handrail. However, you must check with your local authority directly before proceeding with installation.

The Juliet balcony mounting systems we offer here at Express Toughening include side-mounted, top-mounted, and stand-off mounted, with varying hardware – to see the specifications for each type, click on the systems shown on this page to go through to their product pages.

Is it worth installing a Juliet balcony?

There are so many benefits to Juliet balconies that can improve your living or working space, but whether it’s worth it or not for you depends on what you want from a Juliet balcony, where you would be installing it, and the extent of any alterations it would require – such as changing the type of window or changing a window to a door.

The advantages of a Juliet balcony that would make it a good investment include:

  • Minimalist style of glass and metal is surprisingly versatile
  • Easy and less costly to install compared to traditional balconies
  • Great option for properties with limited space and budgets
  • Elegant appearance that transforms both the outside and inside
  • Enhances access to fresh air and sunlight (especially for apartments)
  • Boosted ‘street appeal’ and practical use can increase property value

A compact balcony like this simple design is a more affordable and practical solution for many buildings, not least because low-maintenance Juliet balconies are easy to keep clean and durable enough to last for a long time.

Why don’t Juliet balconies project?

The official name for a Juliet balcony is a ‘Juliet guarding’ for a reason – because it’s technically not a ‘real’ balcony. A standard balcony includes an outdoor floor space that you can walk out onto, which many people arrange furniture on.

This external floor is typically achieved by attaching a projecting platform to the building, which requires more complex support that may not be achievable without extensive structural alterations. By contrast, a Juliet guarding can simply be fitted over a sash window, or a window replaced with a door that slides or opens inwards.

There’s no exterior floor necessary, as the area just inside the opening becomes the ‘balcony’ floor. Even if there is only a narrow extension projecting from the façade, this may no longer be considered a Juliet balcony, and creating such a structure is likely to require planning permission.

Do you need planning permission for a Juliet balcony?

In most cases, a Juliet balcony is a permitted development, because it doesn’t extend the existing building or involve major structural renovations that need to be approved by the local authority first.

Balconies require planning permission if they include a projecting platform, are located on the street-facing side of the building, or they are in an area that’s subject to development restrictions for historical conservation reasons.

If you’re planning to install a glass Juliet balcony, you should still check with your local authorities whether there are any restrictions that apply in your specific case to make sure you’re complying with regulations and not causing any concerns about privacy or historical preservation.

It’s important to do this because if it turns out that you were subject to certain rules and didn’t apply for approval, you could receive a fine and even be ordered to remove the balcony entirely.

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