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Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Top Mount System

Product Description

Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Top Mount System (Aluminium Anodised)

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  • Express Delivery available on this product.
  • This product is manufactured in the UK.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Polished edges included.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the customer to investigate if planning permissions are required, ensuring all projects are completed to British Standards BS 6399-1:1996 and BS 6180:2011 – are not responsible for any building regulation requirements, this shall be up to the client to ensure safety precautions have been met accordingly.

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Product Information

Skyforce is the first practically invisible system for Juliet Balconies. Also currently the best and most cost-effective application on the market. No system which can be mounted easier and quicker for Juliet Balconies made of glass, or quicker to install. Skyforce is also compatible with almost any window profile; all glass thicknesses, heights and widths are covered with just one profile. Thanks to the inimitable sliding clip technology, installation can even be performed directly on the window frame or masonry.

  • Drainage Channels
  • Nearly Tool Free Installation
  • Suitable for Plastic, Aluminium, Wooden & Metal Frames
  • Outdoor/Indoor Mounting Options Available
  • Other Surface Options Available
  • Tested According to BS6180
  • Line loads up to 1.5kN

Product Video

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Toughened Laminate Glass Juliet Balcony & SkyForce Top Mount System. Express Toughening are proud to manufacture and supply quality approved bespoke toughened laminated glass with EVA waterproof interlayer to both the trade and public. (please note some designs may incur a 2mm tolerance).


Additional information


Aluminium Anodised


Juliet Balcony

Glass Thickness & Size

12.8mm – 1000 x 1100mm, 12.8mm – 1100 x 1100mm, 12.8mm – 1200 x 1100mm, 12.8mm – 1300 x 1100mm, 12.8mm – 1400 x 1100mm, 16.8mm – 1500 x 1100mm, 16.8mm – 1600 x 1100mm, 16.8mm – 1700 x 1100mm, 21mm – 1800 x 1100mm, 21mm – 1900 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2000 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2100 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2200 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2300 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2400 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2500 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2600 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2700 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2800 x 1100mm, 21mm – 2900 x 1100mm, 21mm – 3000 x 1100mm

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