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Bath Screen with Brass Hinges

Product Description

A glass shower screen for a bath is the ideal way to protect your bathroom floor and walls from accidental splashes. Bath screens are the twenty-first century version of shower curtains, an easy-clean upgrade from an annoyingly sticky plastic curtain that often drips water everywhere anyway.

Why settle for a flimsy shower curtain when you could benefit from the combined style and safety of over-bath shower screens from Express Toughening?

Whether you have a bath-shower combo or a traditional bathtub, full or partial bath shower screens can make a huge difference to your relaxation levels – no more stressing about drenching the floor, possibly leading to a build-up of damp or mould.

Thanks to the waterproof seal, your glass bath screen should fit snugly between the edge of your bath and the wall, enclosing the ‘splash zone’ securely. This sturdy solution is far more sophisticated than a plastic curtain, in terms of both practicality and appearance.

Select your required size of rectangular bath screen from our three standard options below, then choose either brushed brass hinges or polished brass hinges for the finishing touch.



While they may simply be toughened glass panels, they can also be a subtle decorative feature. Glass bath screens are an ideal finishing touch for any modern bathroom, and can even bring older bathroom décor up to date with their sleek look.

A hinged shower screen over the bath is also much more convenient than wrestling with a wet shower curtain. Our bath screen hinges allow 90 degrees of movement both ways, so the panel can easily swing left or right for easy access to the bath and/or shower.

The hinges also have the capability of holding in place, so you can keep the waterproof partition still when required. To help you create a luxury aesthetic for your bathroom, our brass bath screens are available with a choice of hinges – brushed for a subtle finish, or polished for an impressive shine.

Small touches like this can have a significant effect on the visual impact of a room, adding style and warmth as well as protection against wet floors. When you install a sturdy brass bath shower screen in your bathroom, it’s sure to refresh the entire space.

Got a question about our hinged bath screens? Contact the Express Toughening team by calling 020 8500 1188 for more information.

Product Dimensions
Glass size 700mm x 1500mm | 800mm x 1500mm | 900mm x 1500mmSee Technical Drawing


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  • Toughened Glass.
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Product Dimensions

This hinged bath screen is available in three standard toughened glass panel sizes:

  • 700mm x 1500mm
  • 800mm x 1500mm
  • 900mm x 1500mm

Bespoke bath screen sizes may be available upon request – please call 020 8500 1188 to discuss your options.

Glass Specification

This product is made using 8mm thick clear toughened safety glass with polished edges and a 10mm radius to the front exposed corners.

The glass bathroom screen comes with polished brass hinges, plus a seal along the base and wall sides.

Material Specification

Our glass bath screens are manufactured on-site in Essex and delivered nationwide.

All metal components are brass, with a translucent PVC water seal to the base and side of the panel.

Each hinge self-centres perpendicular to the wall, opening 90 degrees in both directions with a hold-open facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions below.

Why install a glass bath screen?

There are many reasons to install a glass bath screen on the side of your bath or combination shower-bath. They’re not only an extremely practical solution to the problem of water spraying onto your bathroom floor, but also an aesthetic addition to your bathroom’s décor.

Toughened glass bath screens are designed to be strong and durable enough to withstand moisture and heat, while also being resistant to scratches and knocks. When you install a hinged glass bath screen that can swing open and closed whenever you need to climb in or out, this smart solution will keep water inside the designated area, so your bathroom stays in the best possible condition.

Since they’re made of transparent glass, bath screens are versatile enough to suit any bathroom’s interior design. At Express Toughening, we offer these hinged bath screens in three different sizes, to suit a range of bathroom spaces. These products are both appealing to look at and very easy to look after, as they stay in place and can simply be wiped clean, unlike a standard shower curtain.

What size are your glass bath screens?

Our clear toughened glass bath screens are made from 8mm safety glass, and available in three sizes. You can choose from a 0.7m x 1.5m glass panel as the smallest size, a slightly wider 0.8m x 1.5m glass panel, or a 0.9m x 1.5m glass panel as the largest size.

The exposed edges are all polished for a safe and attractive finish, with a 1cm radius to the front corners for added safety and aesthetic appeal. Regardless of which dimensions you choose to order, each glass bath screen comes with hinges and a base and wall seal to align one side and the bottom edge with the wall and the edge of your bath.

Be sure to measure your bath and shower area carefully before placing your order, ensuring that your measurements account for any tiles and trays. As the glass bath screen can swing on hinges once installed, you must also make sure there’s adequate space for the panel to open properly.

Where can you install glass bath screens?

While our glass bath screens with brass hinges come in three fixed sizes, they can fit into a range of bathrooms. There are many types of baths and showers on the market, so whichever style you’ve installed in your bathroom, one of our hinged glass bath panels should make a great addition.

Since these toughened glass bath panels are 1.5m high, you could also install them as partial doors for shower enclosures or showers in the corners of wet rooms – though you may prefer our glass shower screens for this kind of setting, as they have a greater selection of sizes and finishes.

The brass hinges we provide with every glass bath screen are a great way to tie decorative elements together. Vintage taps and showerheads are a popular trend even for contemporary bathrooms, so why not use brushed brass or polished brass hinges with your bath screen as a finishing touch?

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