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Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass

Here at Express Toughening Ltd, we offer two different types of fire-rated glass, also known as fire safety glass:

  • 2mm Pyroguard – EW 30 minutes
  • 2mm Georgian Wire Polish Plate – EW 30 minutes

These products are perfect for use in doors or screens within timber or steel systems, helping to save lives and limit damage to property.

Pyroguard Fire Rated Glass

Pyroguard EW30 Impact is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Offering double-sided fire resistance, its large sheet size can be cut to size, making it a cost-effective solution – suitable for both steel and timber applications.

An industry leader for many years, Pyroguard fire glass is extremely versatile and can be used in all kinds of fire screens and facades. This lightweight glass benefits from not only bi-directional resistance and UV stability, but also exceptional quality of light transmission for clear visuals.

Its ease of processing means that we can supply fire-rated glass cut to size with relatively short lead times, allowing for faster installation on projects with tighter timescales, while still meeting specifications for E or EW classified fire-resistant glass.

Georgian Wire Polish Plate Glass

Georgian Wired Polished Plate Glass is tested and assessed as a 30-minute integrity fire-resistant glass. Also known as Pilkington Pyroshield, this is the market-leading wired glass for fire resistance.

It has been tried and tested in doors, partitions, and windows in a wide range of buildings, from schools to offices and more. Available in 7.2mm, and ideal for overhead glazing, too, it comes with many benefits:

  • The wire provides a visual sign that fire-resistant glass is present.
  • Enables fire hazards to be seen through the glass.
  • Achieves up to 120 minutes integrity only in monolithic form when installed in suitable glazing systems.
  • The Safety versions are ideal for use in applications subject to impact resistance regulations (such as Approved Document B of the Building Regulations for England and Wales).
  • If hit with sufficient force, the glass cracks, but it remains held in place by the wire, reducing the risk of injury.

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Fire Rated Glass
  • Fire Rated Glass

    Fire Rated Glass

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Customer Testimonials

Superb customer service from the Express Toughening team – when I made a mistake on my order online, they dealt with the issue quickly organising partial refund immediately. My order arrived quickly and their courier messaged me before delivery to check I was in. Quality product at the best price I found online.

Andrew Cooke
United Kingdom

A massive Thankyou to Helen from Express Toughening for being so patient, co-operative and helpful with my orders. She resolved a re-make without any fuss and in an extremely timely manner. If you want glass – go to Express Toughening and ask for Helen!

Kiron Kular
United Kingdom

Extremely easy company to deal with, glass ordered weeks ago and asked for a specific delivery date due to glass testing and no one being onsite. Delivered on time and when asked for other types glass stated they couldn’t help but recommended an equally helpful company!!

wouldn’t hesitate to use again.


Andy Beviere
United Kingdom

I’ve used Express Toughening twice now and have been very impressed with the glass they have supplied and also the helpfulness of the staff. The first job was a couple of years ago when they supplied me with a 6mm satin frosted toughened glass door for our shower room. From my measurements they supplied a fabulous door which had the hinge and lock holes cut out and also took into account the out of square measurement of the door frame. It fitted a treat and is stunning to look at.

More recently (late last year) they supplied me with painted toughened glass splash backs (7 items altogether in 6mm glass with the biggest being 2.1 metres long), all cut to my sizes and with numerous switch and socket cut-outs. My local glass supplier said they could not cut out the close together sockets and switches, but Express did and got it spot on!

As with the glass door, the splash backs were delivered to me by Expresses’ own transport and without any problems and quality issues.

After the scary bit of fitting them all the result is faultless and stunning. Thanks go to Alex who helped me with the ordering process and technical aspects of glass splash backs.

Brian White
United Kingdom

Online purchase

4mm toughened glass for greenhouse.

Although slightly dubious about ordering from a company I’ve never heard of and not local (300mile away) I’m so glad I took the plunge.

A great customer service from Helen and the team from start to finish, clearly there was nothing for me to worry about.

Their website is easy to use and made ordering online a doddle and for those shapes, they don’t have on their website a quick email and rough diagram sorted any issues there.

All glass arrived on time well packed and with no breakages.

It’s a company I wouldn’t hesitate to use again and I’d definitely recommend it to others who need quality glass cut to size.

David Convery
United Kingdom

Excellent product.
Exactly what it says on the tin.
Brilliant, friendly service from Helen.
Definitely recommended.
(And we’re on the Scottish border)

Tony Fields
United Kingdom

Fantastic service, fantastic prices and fantastic products – I could not recommend Express Toughening highly enough – I got an immediate response to my request for a quotation, and Helen was so helpful in answering my questions. Order placement was easy and everything arrived exactly on time and as promised. I won’t look anywhere else for my next order – great prices (way cheaper than other quotes) and great service!

Thank you!

Tony Owen
United Kingdom

We have been using Express toughening for a number of years, mainly for glass screens and Toughened Glass for balustrade. The company are always reliable, deliveries always on time and friendly helpful service.

Sam Richardson
United Kingdom

Fire Rated Glass FAQs

See our most frequently asked questions below.

Why is using fire-resistant glass so important?

Standard toughened glass is not heat-resistant enough to hold up against the high temperatures of fires, so it is critical to use specially manufactured fire-rated glass to create protective barriers that can help to stop flames from spreading.

Fire-resistant glass in doors and partitions can keep flames compartmentalised where they occur for a minimum of 30 minutes, keeping the surrounding passageways as clear as possible so anyone in the building can safely evacuate.

This also makes it easier for firefighters to tackle the fire when they arrive at the scene, reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities while also limiting the amount of fire, smoke, and water damage to the rest of the building.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of measures like fire-rated glazing in fire safety systems and evacuation plans, which is why their manufacture and installation must legally comply with building regulations and safety standards.

What does an EW rating mean for fire glass?

As it is such a crucial element of fire safety, fire-resistant glass is subjected to standardised tests and given ratings to signify how long it can maintain its protective properties in the conditions of a fire, which must be at least 30 minutes.

The letter ‘E’ represents the integrity of the glass against flames and hot gases, while the letter ‘I’ represents insulation against heat transmission. When ‘W’ is used, this means the glass protects against radiation of heat to an extent, which is usually kept to within 15 kW/m2 on the opposite side of the glass from the fire.

For example, our EW30 fire-rated glass offers integrity against flames and reduction of heat radiation for 30 minutes. Depending on the type of glass and system, we can also supply fire glass that lasts up to 60–120 minutes.

For more technical details about our product options, get in touch with the Express Toughening team.

Where should fire-rated glass be installed?

Not all glass used in buildings needs to be fire-resistant, but there are some uses where fire-rated glass may be necessary. These include glass doors, windows, and screens that separate different areas of a building, such as entrances/exits, stairwells and hallways, and open areas like foyers, atria, or lobbies.

These are key places where the spread of a fire can be stopped, as fire-resistant glass can prevent the fire from moving from one part of the building to another for enough time that occupants can evacuate, and the emergency services can arrive.

It is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that fire glass is installed wherever it is required by law, to the minimum specifications that these legal standards require. It’s therefore important to consult local and national regulations for building safety and fire safety when designing and installing elements involving glass and fire resistance.

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