With the sun (mostly) shining in the Great British Summertime, it’s the ideal time to look at revamping your outdoor living space.

Glass balustrades make a great addition to outdoor spaces like balconies or decking, adding character and style along with a more modern aesthetic than you could get with wood or metal.

Here are the key reasons glass balustrades are the perfect choice for revamping your decking.

1. Unobstructed Views

Your balcony or decking should give you a view of your garden, not obstruct it. Putting metal or wooden poles between you and this view takes away from the appearance of your outdoor space. Glass panels help you make the most of whatever view you’ve got, whether it’s a landscaped garden, ocean view, or bustling cityscape.

2. Maximising Natural Light

Natural light offers a brilliant visual appeal, setting the ambience and atmosphere of your outdoor space. Glass balustrades are brilliant for maximising every bit of natural sunlight, allowing it to pass through to the balcony or decking and creating a brighter, more open space.

3. Enhancing Safety

Let’s not forget that while a balustrade can be a design feature, ultimately, it’s a safety feature. Toughened or laminated glass makes the best choice as they provide all the aesthetic benefits while providing the robust safety you need. These glass types are designed to withstand higher impacts without breaking, and even if they do, they break into dull pieces to reduce further injury.

Make sure you choose the right glass thickness to meet the safety standards for your glass balustrade.

4. Modern and Versatile Design

Glass balustrades are very versatile and fit in with both contemporary designs, and more modern, minimalist appearances. You can choose frameless or semi-frameless balustrades to further improve the visual appeal of your glass balustrade.

5. Low Maintenance

Glass balustrades also make a great choice for balustrades because they require less maintenance than alternative materials like wood and metal. Wood and metal can require regular painting or treatment to reduce fading or rust. Glass, on the other hand, only needs the occasional wipe-down to maintain its appearance. Glass is also more versatile because you can use it inside and outside, and it will withstand the elements without deteriorating.

Get Your Outdoor Space Summer Ready with a Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are the perfect solution when revamping your outdoor space. They provide unobstructed views, maximise natural light, enhance safety, offer modern design, and require less maintenance.

If you’re looking to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor living space, consider incorporating a glass balustrade into your design.