The right measurements for your glass balustrade makes all the difference in the final fit and aesthetic of your outdoor space. Even a few inches off could result in an awkward fit or a less-than-ideal look.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on correctly measuring your patio for glass balustrades.

What equipment do you need to measure your patio glass balustrades

  1. Measuring tape: Opt for a long, flexible measuring tape that can accurately measure longer distances.
  2. Notepad and pen: To jot down measurements and any specific features of your patio.
  3. Spirit level: To ensure your measurements are accurate vertically and horizontally.
  4. A helper: This isn’t a piece of equipment, but having a second pair of hands can make measuring easier.

What to consider before you start measuring your glass balustrades

  1. Balustrade positioning: Consider where you want your balustrade to be placed, as this will impact the measurements.
  2. Glass thickness: Different balustrade systems require different glass thicknesses. Make sure you understand the specifications of your chosen system.
  3. Size of the fixings: This refers to the clamps or brackets used to secure the glass panels. The size and type can affect your measurements.
  4. Slopes or Steps: If your patio has a slope or steps, this will affect how you measure and install the balustrades.

How to measure your patio’s glass balustrade

  1. Measure the overall length
  2. Measure the height
  3. Account for slopes or steps

Step 1: Measure the overall length

Using your measuring tape, measure the total length of the area where you want to install the balustrade. If the area is particularly long, you might need a helper to hold one end of the tape while you measure. Ensure the tape is level to get an accurate measurement.

Step 2: Measure the height

Determine the height at which you want your glass balustrade. Remember to measure from the ground up and consider building regulations that may specify a minimum or maximum balustrade height.

Step 3: Account for slopes or steps

If your patio includes slopes or steps, this will affect the height of the balustrade. Measure the height at different points along the slope or steps to ensure the balustrade will be level once installed.

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