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Black Square Pull Handles (600mm Centres)

Product Number: QIC/HW00150



Elevate your door aesthetics with our black square pull handles, characterised by a chic square-shaped design. Sized at 600 x 25 x 25mm, these handles blend contemporary style with efficient utility. Crafted to complement glass doors, they are versatile and adaptive. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with glass thicknesses between 10 mm and 12.8 mm, promising a snug and sturdy fit.

Installation is a breeze with the back-to-back method, augmented by the common 600 mm glass drilling centres and a straightforward 14 mm hole drilling. The hidden-from-view grub screw fixings add to the handles’ sleek appearance, ensuring a clean and polished look.

To enhance the fit and protect your doors, glass protection gaskets are included as standard. Each set is sold as a pair and is accompanied by an Allen key for easy mechanical adjustments.

Black Square Pull Handles Features:

  • Dimensions: Streamlined at 600 x 25 x 25mm, embodying modern flair.
  • Design: Contemporary square-shaped design.
  • Finish: Powder-coated black. Also available in brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Door Compatibility: Perfectly tailored for glass doors.
  • Glass Adaptability: Suitable for 10 mm to 12.8 mm glass doors.
  • Installation: Back-to-back setup, facilitated by common 600 mm glass drilling centres and a 14 mm hole requirement.
  • Clean Look: Features hidden grub screw fixings for a refined appearance.
  • Height Protrusion: Stands 65 mm from the door surface.
  • Precision & Protection: Standard inclusion of glass protection gaskets for an optimal fit.
  • Package Contents: Handles are sold as a pair, includes an Allen key for installation.
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