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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Results

  • Laminated Glass

    Laminated Glass

    Our float laminated glass is available in five thicknesses, ranging from 6.4mm to 12.8mm, comes in standard clear laminate or acoustic laminate variations, and can be cut to size according to the measurements you need.

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  • Toughened Laminate Glass

    Toughened Laminate Glass

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  • Laminate Walk On Glass

    Laminate Walk On Glass

    Walk on glass – Toughened Laminated Glass is up to five times stronger making it suitable to walk on. Using this product in any design creates an open space which is sure to impress your guests!

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  • Pool surrounds fencing and balustrades

    Glass Pool Surrounds

    Here at Express Toughening our glass pool surrounds are ideal for safety and privacy. Also known as glass balustrades or glass fencing can add a safe and modern barrier to any outdoor or indoor space. Depending on your requirements pool surrounds can be manufactured in toughened, laminated or tinted glass.

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