Everyday interior design features, such as staircases, may not be a priority for some people when deciding on how to update their home décor.

In recent years, though, there’s been a growing trend of property owners transforming their staircases from a merely functional element to the focal point of their interior design.

One of the most popular options for bespoke staircases is to remove boring old wooden balusters and replace them with impressive glass balustrades.

As a contemporary alternative that fits in well with all kinds of property styles, there are plenty of benefits to installing glass balustrades. Here are six of the top reasons why you should go with glass balustrades for your staircase makeover.

1) Maximises light levels

One of the most immediate benefits of using glass panels is that they don’t block the light. Generally being quite a large feature, staircases with solidly opaque balusters can prevent light from spreading throughout the space, making it seem dark and unpleasant.

Did you know that increasing natural light levels in the home can make people happier? Glass balustrades allow light to spread evenly, enhancing the flow of natural light from windows during the day and making the stairway feel beautifully bright and airy instead of gloomy.

2) Opens up spaces and views

Another benefit of the transparency of glass is that it automatically makes the area feel bigger and more open than before. Closed-off balusters can make a staircase feel cramped and unwelcoming, whereas glass balustrades help to create an illusion of extra space.

They also offer a less restricted view than traditional staircase spindles, which is ideal if you want the surrounding interiors to be visible from wherever you’re standing. Many people use the wall beside a staircase to display photographs or artwork, so why obstruct it with wooden rails?

3) Offers many style options

You might believe that choices for glass balustrades will be more limited than with wooden spindles, which can be carved, stained, and painted in lots of different ways. However, you’d be misinformed, because there are plenty of versatile ways to style glass balustrades.

You’re not restricted to clear glass and a steel handrail. You can choose tinted glass if you want to add a touch of colour, or frosted glass if you want to maximise light without making the balustrades completely transparent. You also have options for glass clamps or totally frameless fittings.

4) Creates a modern design feature

If first impressions count as much as people say, there’s no denying that a glass staircase has a stunning visual impact. Sleek and modern, yet unobtrusive enough to blend seamlessly with many other types of décor, glass is the perfect material for a modern staircase.

Adding glass balustrades along your staircase creates an atmosphere of luxury, which many homeowners want to achieve in an era of aspirational high-end living. Who wouldn’t want their hallway or entryway to look bigger, brighter, and more sophisticated?

5) Provides a strong safety barrier

Though glass balustrades are big on style, they don’t compromise the safety or structural integrity of your staircase one bit. They’re made using types of thicker safety glass, which undergoes a heat treatment that makes it much stronger than regular glass.

If it does break, toughened glass shatters into blunt pieces, while toughened laminated glass has an interlayer between two panels that keeps them together. This means that glass balustrades are reliable in helping to prevent falls and reducing the risk of injuries.

6) Easy to install and maintain

It’s fairly easy to fit glass balustrades, which typically use a bracket and post system with a handrail – though there’s also the option of a frameless glass balustrade without a handrail for the ultimate modern look. You can hire someone to do it professionally, or have a go at following the instructions for the installation system you decide to use.

Once installed, you don’t have to worry about applying preservative treatments to prevent rot and mould, as you would with wooden balusters. Robust glass balustrades will stay largely unaffected by daily wear and tear – and if they start to get streaks or smudges, all you have to do is wipe them down with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap.

Order glass balustrades and fittings online

There you have it – glass balustrades make your home look amazing, while being extremely practical and totally safe. If your mind hasn’t quite been swayed yet, why not scroll through our glass balustrade gallery to see just how incredible your staircase could look?

If you’re ready to choose your glass balustrades for your new stairs today, simply fill out our order form by selecting the glass type, shape, dimensions, and thickness from the many options available. You’ll also find all the glass balustrade fittings you might need in our online store.

If you can’t find the correct glass balustrade specifications, simply get in touch with the Express Toughening team, who will be happy to calculate a quote for a bespoke glass balustrade order.