With summers getting warmer and more people making the most of their outdoor spaces, glass balustrades are becoming a popular alternative to traditional garden fencing options.

Forget boring wooden fences or low brick walls – glass balustrade systems are the most modern way to make outdoor areas both functional and fashionable.

Glass fencing is made using toughened glass panels, which are typically secured at the base, and can also feature posts in between and a handrail along the top.

While it’s not the most typical choice for backyard fencing, this blog explains why you should consider glass fencing, and five ways you could use it in your garden.

What are the benefits of glass fencing?

There are many advantages to using glass fencing in your garden, not least that you cancreate a completely customised glass balustrade system to fit your space and needs perfectly.

Using clear or translucent glass is the best method for maximising your space in a minimalist way, as it helps you to delineate different parts of your land without blocking the view of the landscape or the flow of sunlight. Restricting areas doesn’t mean you have to restrict your sightlines.

Once installed, glass balustrades are very low maintenance. Unlike wood, you won’t have to apply regular preservative treatments, and they’re much easier to wipe clean than bricks – all while being far more attractive than other contemporary alternatives like plastic fencing. 

Creating a unique and modern outdoor space with stylish glass fencing can also help to increase the value of your property. Many buyers look for modern homes with distinctive features that add some personality and stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the biggest concern is: are glass balustrades safe? The answer is that they absolutely are, when made from a suitable thickness of toughened or laminated glass and installed properly.

Glass fencing is more durable than you might think, because it’s made using strengthened glass with an appropriate installation system to support it. Both the glass itself and any metal posts, handrails, or fittings will be able to endure the elements outdoors for many years.

Glass balustrades for patios

Glass balustrades are an ideal way to separate your patio from the rest of your garden. They clearly divide the paved and grassy areas to create a more enclosed al fresco dining and seating area that’s still airy and open, thanks to the transparent nature of the material.

If you have raised decking at the back of your house, it can also be a safety issue if there is a potential drop greater than 600mm. To prevent anyone from falling or tripping off the deck and hurting themselves, glass balustrades can provide a safety barrier.

Not only is it practical, but it helps to add a sense of luxury to the area, so you can relax in an elegant setting whilst enjoying the fresh air and sunlight.

Glass garden dividers

Brick walls and wooden fences are great for boundary fencing when you want to hide your garden from other people’s view. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a private view from the back of your home, such as open countryside or the coast, why would you want to obscure it?

Not only can glass balustrades demarcate a smaller lawn area within a larger patch of land, without obstructing the surrounding landscape, but they can also be used to divide parts within the garden itself, even when the boundary fences aren’t glass.

For example, if you want to separate your greenhouse and vegetable patch whilst still being able to check up on things from afar, glass fencing won’t require going right up to the plot to see inside.

Or, if you want to divide a raised terrace from the rest of the outdoor space with a slightly higher level of privacy, you can opt for tinted glass that still doesn’t block the view or frosted glass that still lets the light through.

Glass windbreaks

Did you know that glass balustrades can also double up as practical safety barriers and wind screens? In a climate that can often be colder and breezier, you shouldn’t be put off enjoying your outdoor seating areas to the fullest.

Instead of allowing a biting wind to chase you back inside, you can relax outdoors with a seamless glass balustrade system letting the sunlight fall on you, whilst blocking the wind from creating an unpleasantly blustery experience.

This is especially useful for elevated areas – for example, a terrace overlooking the garden from the first floor of the house, or a patio at the top of a garden that slopes downwards. If you have plants and flowers that you’re proud of, they could also be protected from the wind.

Of course, you’ll have to do some calculations when choosing your glass type and thickness to make sure it’s suitable to withstand the average wind load in your location.

Glass pond guards

Ponds are a staple landscaping feature in many gardens, with a variety of styles to choose from. However, if you have larger fish – such as koi carp – or other animals dwelling in your pond, you might worry about them accidentally jumping out.

Similarly, if you have younger children in your household or in your family that often come to visit, then you wouldn’t want to risk them falling in.

One of the best modern solutions to keeping your pond safe without blocking your view of it and the fish inside is to use a custom glass balustrade system around it as a pond jump guard. You can adjust the height and railing system as required to suit your aesthetic, too.

Whether you have a traditional in-ground pond or a more decorative above-ground pond, adding a glass element also modernises the feature while keeping it safe.

Glass swimming pool surrounds

While private outdoor pools are less common in frequently chilly Britain, some homeowners do want to invest in this luxury leisure feature as summers become warmer every year. Like ponds, though, they can come with a risk of people or pets falling in.

Glass balustrades make excellent pool surrounds, as they form a solid barrier around the perimeter of the pool that prevents anyone from accidentally strolling too close to the edge. The toughened glass and metal fittings used in these systems can stand up to the elements outside, as well as being suitable for use around indoor pools.

For extra safety, you could choose to have glass pool surrounds made from laminated glass. Or, for a bit of extra privacy, you could opt for tinted glass.

Order glass balustrades for gardens online

Whether it’s a domestic or commercial environment, glass balustrades always make a great addition to any outside space – bringing both physical safety and aesthetic luxury to the area.

If you’re thinking about fitting glass balustrades in your garden ahead of next summer, you’re in the right place at Express Toughening. Take a look through our selection of toughened glass products today, and don’t forget to browse our glass fittings and accessories, too. If you need some advice or would like to request a bespoke quote rather than using our online order form, you can always call our team on 020 8500 1188 or email info@expresstoughening.com with the details of your project, and we’ll be happy to help you.