Achieving a modern and elegant aesthetic is easy with glass balustrades. Whether you install them on your staircase, balcony, or patio, they’re sure to provide a dramatic visual effect while functioning as a safety barrier or space divider.

One of the things you should consider when fitting glass balustrades is how much maintenance they require. How do you clean them, and how often? What should you be doing to preserve the lifespan of your glass balustrades, and when?

This blog provides some helpful tips for making your glass balustrades look as good as new for as long as possible – so read on to learn more.

The best way to clean glass balustrades

The easiest way to clean glass balustrades is to keep things simple. Stay away from abrasive products and harsh chemicals – all you need is a mixture of warm water and soap, and a soft cloth to dip into the soapy water and wipe the glass with.

There’s no need to bother with expensive cleaning products that could damage the glass when this cost-effective method gets the job done well. Basic soap and water won’t erode or stain, and a microfibre cloth or simple sponge won’t scratch the glass.

There shouldn’t be any sticky residue left, either. Once clean, you should simply be able to wipe the glass dry with a microfibre towel or non-abrasive kitchen roll. To avoid a streaky finish, use a clean, dry, lint-free soft cloth to gently polish any water marks away.

If your glass balustrade system includes posts, handrails, or glass clamps, be sure to clean these, too. The soapy water and soft cloth should work just as well on stainless steel, which most glass balustrade frames and fittings are made of.

If you have external glass balustrades, remember to wash them when it isn’t sunny and warm – such as in the evening or on a cloudy morning or afternoon. Otherwise, the hot sun can make the water evaporate faster, leaving soapy streaks and residue.

How often do you have to clean glass balustrades?

You may have heard that you only need to clean glass balustrades once every 3 months, or even once every 6 months. The frequency of cleaning is, of course, dependent on the placement of your balustrades, how they’re used, and their exposure to the elements – but only cleaning 2–4 times a year is unlikely to keep your glass balustrades looking their best.

Cleaning little and often is better than doing a deep clean a few times a year. Rather than allowing dirt and debris to build up for months and giving yourself the difficult job of scrubbing it all off, which could also require more force and increase the risk of damaging the glass, you should do a quick clean to refresh the glass panels every 1–2 weeks or so.

Glass and steel are generally low-maintenance materials, so wiping them down regularly should maintain their good condition and reduce the need for intensive washing. In certain areas where fingerprints and smudges build up quickly, such as staircases, you should give the glass a quick wipe to remove them as and when needed, instead of leaving them to build up.

Routinely taking note of the state of your glass balustrades should give you a better idea of how often you need to be cleaning them to keep them looking good.

Keeping up with glass balustrade maintenance

A small amount of cleaning on a regular basis can go a long way in maintaining the appearance of your glass balustrades. While you’re cleaning, you could also make a habit of checking the panels for chips, cracks, or other damage. The sooner you notice something like this, the faster it can be fixed or replaced, avoiding the possibility of breakage or injury down the line.

You should also check the components for stability while you’re doing this, ensuring that the panels are still held securely in place and none of the clamps or posts are loose. Even just the motions of wiping and buffing the glass during cleaning should be enough to reveal if anything is wobbly.

A big tip for making glass balustrades easy to clean is to opt for a protective polymer coating when you originally order them. This an option we provide here at Express Toughening, where we can add this coating to help the glass repel water, dirt, soap scum, rust, and mineral deposits – meaning it should require less cleaning, less frequently.

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