At Express Toughening we believe the roof of your conservatory is the most important part in it’s construction and finished look. It maintains the entire structure and prevents adverse weather conditions. Many conservatories that were built in the 1990s have polycarbonate roofs as they were the cheaper resource at the time. The implementation of polycarbonate roofs has caused problems for homeowners with them, so let’s see how Glass compares.

Do I need to change my conservatory roof?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to replace your conservatory roof. Anything from suffering condensation or leaks, to damage being caused by mould is a viable reason. You may also want to replace your roof if it is slightly out-dated and struggles with energy and thermal efficiency. An old conservatory could be having serious implications on your energy bills. If you struggle with insulation it’s less likely to be enjoyed during winter and in turn, make it a poor investment.

Options for Conservatory Roofing

A conservatory glass roof is the most popular option for homeowners across the UK. Their popularity largely stems from their ability to allow natural sunlight into the room.

One of the biggest advantages to incorporating a glass roof is the number of options available to you. An increasingly popular choice is thermally efficient Glass as it reduces the amount of heat that can escape. Thermally efficient Glass can be coated with a thin coating to minimise glare and is commonly formed with two panes of Glass.

If you currently own a conservatory, you will be fully aware of how difficult it can be to clean your glass panels. Self-cleaning Glass reduces the hassle of attempting to clean your glass as a special coating reacts with sunlight to breakdown dirt.

Although the amount of sunlight let in by glass is one of its major advantages, they can get very bright. For that reason, tinted Glass is increasingly popular among consumers to reduce the glare of sun coming into your home extension.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Solid or tiled roofing is your second option when conservatories are concerned. Tiled or solid roofs are primarily implemented to make a conservatory a more permanent extension, essentially adding a further room to the home. The issue that lies with tiled or solid conservatory roofing is the restricted light it will let in. If deciding to go with this option, you will likely need to implement artificial lighting.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

The biggest competitor to a glass conservatory roof is polycarbonate roofs. Polycarbonate is the cheaper alternative to Glass yet possess many different qualities to the alternative. So, you can make an informed decision regarding which is the best material for your project. This blog will break down the major differences between polycarbonate and Glass as your conservatory roofing solution.


The stand out benefit that glass conservatory roofing has over polycarbonate is the thermal insulation it provides. Most polycarbonate roofs that were built in the 1990s are now past their best and had limited insulation qualities in the first place. Polycarbonate roofing can often have a greenhouse effect, causing unbearable heat in the summer months and astoundingly cold temperatures in the winter. With glass roof panels, heat will be kept enclosed in the winter – saving money on heating bills! Also, the reflective technology that comes with Glass will prevent your conservatory form overheating on the hottest of summer days. An added advantage to a glass is the UV protection that it provides. As a result, your furniture will be protected from the rays of the sun.

Sound Insulation

The purpose of a conservatory is to provide a relaxing room for you and your family to retreat to all year round. If you have ever experienced a conservatory with a polycarbonate room, when it is raining, you will be fully aware of its poor sound insulation. Glass significantly reduces the problem as it carries much improved acoustic insulation.


With Glass, you have a variety of options when it comes to how you would like your conservatory to look. Clear Glass allows natural light to encapsulate your home, allowing perfect views of the outside world. Glass is a versatile material, and the availability of tinted Glass provides reduced glare. On the other hand, polycarbonate is translucent and does not have the same clean finish that Glass does.


In the past, polycarbonate has been recognised as an excellent protective material – ideal for your conservatory. However, after some time polycarbonate roofs can be susceptible to damage and leaks. Glass Conservatory roof panels are much more durable and resistant to weather.


At Express Toughening, our glass conservatory roofs are accompanied by a coating that repels dirt. Due to this, glass conservatories require very little maintenance to be kept in pristine condition. With polycarbonate roofs, regular cleaning is required to prevent the build of moss and other dirt.

If you’re looking to replace your current conservatory roof or build a new conservatory form scratch, get in touch with Express Toughening to discover the material suited to your home. Contact us today on 020 8500 1188 to find out more.