Fire safety glass is becoming increasingly more popular. Ideal for windows, doors and partitions, designed to withstand heat for longer without cracking and falling out of place. The properties of fire glass make them perfect for proofing your workplace to delay the spread of fire. 

How can fire glass combine SAFETY with STYLE?

Glass partitions and wire fire safety glass is quickly becoming more desirable, but why is this?


Fire glass is heat tempered glass that doesn’t melt under extreme temperatures, it’s designed to trap flames and smoke ensuring there is a safe fire escape! A glass partition is ideal for dividing areas to provide segregation and privacy; however, they are particularly useful for creating an illusion that there is more space. Are you looking to maximise the natural light in the office? Not only can fire safety glass partitions ensure safety, but they can also brighten the environment and improve the aesthetics!

Compliant with safety regulations

Some buildings have stringent safety regulations but often it is unknown how to implement suitable safety procedures. An ideal barrier to prevent the spread of fire is the installation of wire fire safety glass. This glass is designed to be hard-wearing and to diminish smoke and flames- creating a safe working environment for everyone. Wire glass is fire retardant, it acts as a solid barrier to fire- protecting those located behind the glass- ultimately maximising their safety!


The design of a glass partition or fire glass window is specific to your requirements. It offers a perfect blend between fire safety and style, incorporating your personal preferences with regards to colour, size, shape and pattern. In due course, a glass partition provides a clean finish that could enhance the interior decoration of your workplace, making it aesthetically pleasing and functional- what are you waiting for? Click here to find a fire safety glass that suits your needs!


Perhaps you are improving the interior design of a public building such as a school or hospital? Have you considered the effectiveness of fire glass? Public buildings require additional security to ensure that everyone is in safe hands. Most types of fire glass can provide an extra 30 minutes protection against a fire. This is much longer than an ordinary glass window would, making them extremely favourable!

Fire Glass – Express Toughening Ltd

At Express Toughening we have a range of fire glass that is specific to your individual requirements. If you work in high temperatures, we recommend that you install fire glass. At Express Toughening we have PYRO EX-30 which offers suitability for any environment and can be applied to windows, doors or partitions (vision panels).Alternatively, we have a range of Georgian wire glass which provides additional security and ultimately reduces the likelihood of injury. These types of fire glass are ideal for overhead glazing and fire doors, windows and partitions!