Do you feel secure in your home?

It is only right that you feel a sense of privacy, hence why EXPRESS TOUGHENING have generated a range of frosting glass which ensures your safety isn’t compromised. Considering your personal preferences, we create a frosted glass to the texture, opacity and gradient that suits the style of your home best. Some common uses of frosted glass include windows, doors and bathroom cabinets. But what does frosted glass have to offer?

Privacy Reasons

Are you looking to block distractions? A frosted glass window could benefit you because it ultimately eliminates intrusions- making it impossible to see what’s on the other side. Privacy glass has importance within the home, particularly with your bathroom windows. Have you ever felt like the “fish-bowl” in the office? Vulnerable and highly-exposed? A frosted glass reduces this and boosts your privacy by only allowing a silhouette to be seen!

Security Purposes

Do you need to enhance security within your home? If it is a bathroom window, you’ll require something hard-wearing that provides added protection against extreme weather conditions. A bathroom window should be durable therefore offering the capability to withstand various impacts and forces. With anything in your home; you want it to last to make sure you receive your value for money!

Enhance your living space with frosted glass

Do you seek something modern and stylish?

Frosting glass is decorative yet durable. Within your home, you may have limited space to make modifications, however, Express Toughening are experts in designing frosted glass that offers aptness for your unique requirements. Whether it be that your shower does not provide any form of privacy, or your toilet door doesn’t blend well with the rest of your home, we have a solution that is ideal for you!

Our frosted glass is designed to make your home more elegant and modern!


How do you clean the frosted glass? It is simple. A frosted glass window is easy to maintain- hence it’s long-lasting performance. It only needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth and can be dried using some old newspaper- is this not the most convenient method you’ve ever heard of? It’s straightforward and quick however it maintains an elegant finish.


Are you concerned that frosted glass won’t suit the style of your home decor? Well, frosted glass surfaces offers flexibility, with the choice of colours available- it can easily be adapted to fit in with any theme or style of a room. It can also be patterned to blend with the colours incorporated and can provide a luxurious finish.


At Express Toughening, we create frosted privacy glass to specifically meet your needs, regarding size, shape, style and colour. So, if you want to put your own stamp on your home, frosted glass is perfect for you- it allows you to personalise your home and make it modern but it also encases privacy- what more could you want? Choose frosting glass if you want to create a unique feel, offering warmth, elegance and purity to an area!

So, how does Express Toughening provide privacy?

Express Toughening use Frosted Satin Glass. This is a material that is effective in terms of maintenance, it is easy to keep clean and doesn’t damage easily- providing ease as well as privacy whilst still allowing natural light to pour into the room. Due to the glass only requiring basic cleaning, you can save money that you would potentially spend on treating wooden or plastic facilities! Our frosted glass can be used for doors and windows, as well as, cupboards and shower screens. If you’re hoping to personalise the frosted glass, we can pattern, paint and laminate the glass to meet you acquired taste- after all we aim to meet everyone’s needs! 

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