Fire glass is an ideal material which can withstand extreme temperatures, ultimately lasting somewhat longer! If you want something that doesn’t deteriorate or burn over time, you need to install fire glass!

Fire glass is energy efficient and requires less fuel- making it environmentally more favourable! It can be used to create fireplaces and fire pits and offers an alternative to ceramic gas log fires- making it safer for you! Whether you’re looking for the perfect pebble or crystal finish, at Express Toughening we are sure you’ll create an imposing feel to your home!

What makes fire glass so desirable?


As we all know, wood fires can cause difficulties with breathing, resulting in respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. This is caused by the wood burning and emitting smoke which affects the heart and lungs. Alternatively, fire glass doesn’t have severe impacts on your well-being because there aren’t any sparks produced and there is no combustion!


Undeniably fire glass is one of the cleanest materials, there are no sparks, smoke or ashes! With this said, fire glass ensures a clear, elegant, luxurious finish which is easy to maintain. This material can refract light; therefore, it is essential that it is clean for presentational purposes, especially if you aim to improve the aesthetics of your home.


The tempered glass can be used to radiate up to 3x as much heat as wooden log fires. Fire glass is ideal if you’re looking to use your fireplace on a regular basis- there is no need to buy or replace the glass because it has been manufactured to last forever, retaining and directing heat!


How long can you use a wooden fire before it burns out?

A wooden fire is less efficient than fire glassFire glass ensures you can use your fireplace as many times as you want, keeping the fire place lit for as long as your heart desires! Fire glass is created to last forever, make the most of it!


As with anything, safety is a prime factor to consider, especially when you’re decorating your home!

Fire glass has an array of properties that make it one of the safest materials to use when generating heat. Not only is the material safe for your health, it has environmental incentives, there is no smoke emitted therefore it doesn’t contribute to combustion and global warming; as well as ensuring the air is clean and reduces the occurrence of health problems!


Do you want to create a statement in your home? A fire glass fireplace could be exactly what your home is missing!

With regards to shape, size and colour, fire glass has many variations to choose from. Express Toughening aim to create a piece which matches the interior of your home, so, if you require something modern- our fire glass provides a unique touch which is original to you and your home.

Trying to transform your home? Fire glass has a cosy feel which provides warmth and style. If you’re someone who wants to find something that provides added luxury; fire glass incorporates vibrancy which can be blended to match the colour of your room perfectly!

Does your home lack eminence?

At Express Toughening, we create fire glass to meet your needs specifically so we can ensure you have an impressive finish to your home.

Perhaps you’re looking to set the tone and match the interior design of your home? If so, Express Toughening has the perfect solution waiting for you!

We design windows and vision panels using our Pyro Ex-30 Fire Glass– if you do have any special requests, don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH WITH US!