Are you thinking of installing a new conservatory? The ability to be inside your property, but feel as though you are in your garden at the same time, is a very attractive proposition for many people. One of the most important aspect of your conservatory is the glass. Express Toughening are leading toughened glass manufacturers in the South East of England and we can offer you high-quality glass for your conservatory. Our range is extensive and our toughened glass can help you to create a beautiful room for you to enjoy all year round. What can we offer you? Here is a sample of our conservatory toughened glass options:

Activ Blue Glass

This glass is extremely attractive and would definitely enhance your conservatory. Why is it called Activ Blue? The glass itself has a blue hue and it has solar control performance and self-cleaning properties. Who wants to be uncomfortable and hot inside a conservatory in the summertime? Although the weather might be warm outside, this glass will keep you cool in hot temperature conditions. The blue tint doesn’t in any way inhibit the transmittance of light, but it creates a natural feel for you to enjoy.

Activ Clear Glass

This range of glass is self-cleaning, which means that it stays cleaner for longer. How does this work? The Activ Clear Glass is coated with a permanent, transparent substance which breaks down and removes dirt, grime, dust, insect residue, and so on. If it rains, or if the sun shines, this self-cleaning system is guaranteed to save you time. The coating on the surface of the glass will last as long as the glass itself. Although you will still have to clean the windows from time to time, your cleaning bill will be reduced.


The amazing PLANITHERM 4S is designed to perform all year round. It combines thermal insulating properties with solar control, so you can benefit from any environment. In the winter, the thermal insulation will reduce heat loss and the solar control will help to keep you cool in the summer. You can use this toughened glass for the vertical glazing, as well as for roofs. The neutral appearance of the glass will complement the rest of your glazing and allow the maximum amount of light through at the same time.

Activ Neutral

This product also has self-cleaning properties, which means less window cleaning maintenance. The solar protection function blocks most of the heat by reflecting it outside. You can enjoy a cool environment in the middle of the summer. The sunlight won’t blind you as Activ Neutral Glass has anti-glare properties. Whatever glass you decide to fit in your conservatory, you will receive a high-quality product to enhance any overall design. All our glass meets industry regulations to keep you safe and secure.

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