If you’re looking to have greater climate control of your home then an investment in low emissivity (Low-E) glass may be the perfect solution, helping to make your home more comfortable and more economic. But what exactly is low emissivity glass?

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What is low emissivity glass?

Low emissivity glass, is glass which has had a special coating applied. This coating works to reflect low-wave infrared energy, simply put when warm air in your home tries to escape through the glass of your windows the low emissivity glass will reflect the heat energy back into the room. In the summer this then works in the opposite manner, reflecting heat energy away from your home to keep it cool.

How does low emissivity glass work?

As we mentioned above low emissivity glass can help maintain a comfortable environment in your home, but let’s now take a closer look at the different types of Low-E glass and how they work:

Low-E – passive solar heat gain

Passive solar heat gain Low-E glass is specially designed to keep your home warm in the winter, by allowing the heat energy in from the outside and then retaining it in your home through reflection. This from of Low-E glass is ideal for east facing bedrooms, helping keep that pleasant warmth in, for those early morning starts.

Low-E – reduce heat gain glass

Reduce heat gain Low-E glass delivers all year round comfort by reflecting an intermediate level of heat back into your rooms during the winter months, while rejecting UV rays and the summer sun.

Low-E – balanced solar control

Balanced solar control Low-E glass provides huge energy savings by blocking up to 95% of heat rays. This helps keep your heating costs down in the winter, while keeping you cool during the summer.

Now you know exactly what low emissivity glass is and how it works to keep your home comfortable while saving you money on your heating bills. So, check out our full range of Low-E glass and let us help you deliver comfort to your home today!