Whether it’s your home or business, big or small, decorative glass can give your building a radical new look – and we have the equipment, experience and skills to deliver a stunning range of glass effects for you. Read on to discover the different ways we can enhance the style of your building.

Mirror Glass

Mirrors are perhaps the most familiar use of glass effects in the home, but they’re not just there to help you shave or apply your makeup in the mornings. Our bespoke service can give you a mirrored surface anywhere in the home, creating a sense of roominess and light. We can supply mirror glass in any shape or size – what about a mirrored wall to create a dramatic illusion of space? As well as the home, mirrored glass is also especially suitable for business premises such as shops and restaurants. For public areas we recommend using mirrors with our safety backing which gives you grade A safety, the highest level available. Other options include using a foil backing in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens; this will provide protection against the risk of condensation affecting the mirroring.

Glass Splashbacks 

Your kitchen or bathroom will look so much more stylish if you break up large areas of tiling with one of our top quality toughened glass splashbacks. We can supply any thickness from 4 to 19mm, so you have the option for a glass worktop as well as a splashback. What’s more, we can provide a glass splashback or worktop in any colour you like – just show us the colour you want in a decorator’s colour chart, choose a standard colour from the Pantone range or you can even just give us a sample of paint or material in any colour and we will match it. Of course, as with all our products we can cut out any notches or other cut-outs and will drill any holes required using our precision in-house equipment. Liven up your building with a splash of colour – you can buy online today!

Crackled Glass

One style of decorative glass that you may not have seen is crackled glass. This is made of three layers of toughened glass stuck together, with the middle layer being shattered to produce a cracked ice effect. This can be used to create an elegant centrepiece to a room, such as a table top or even a wall cladding. As well as clear glass, we can supply crackled glass in bronze, silver, pewter, opaque and blue tints; if you have something more specific in mind contact us and we will do our best to provide it.

Sandblasted glass

For a truly unique and distinctive feature of your home or business, you should consider what we can produce for you with our sandblasted design service. Perhaps your home could benefit from its house name or number on a door or window, or a company logo for your business premises. Whatever design you can think of, we can sandblast it onto any of the decorative glasses in our range. Get in touch with our in-house designers to discuss your ideas, they will provide a proof of your design for your approval before going ahead.

Decorative Laminating

There is almost no limit to the decorative effects that can be achieved with our laminating service, which allows you to sandwich any design you like between layers of toughened glass. As well as printed or painted designs, you can bond materials like cloth, wood and metal between the glass sheets to provide not just a decorative finish but also functional uses such as privacy and soundproofing. Because the scope of decorative laminating is so wide, it can enhance the appearance of your building in many ways: partitions, balustrades, shower screens, worktops and signage are just some of the locations that could be transformed with this technique.