A fire can be disastrous to lives as well as property. Minimising the spread of fire by using fire glass is an important way of prevent loss of life and saving your home or business in case of a catastrophic fire.

What is Fire Rated Glass?

Fire rated glass, also known as fire resistant glazing, is used as a barrier to prevent the spread of fire. It is used to separate a fire from other areas of a property. Using fire rated glass is one component of a fire safety strategy for your property, which might also involve using fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire walls. In addition to prevent the spread of fire, fire rated glass is also used to provide an escape route for building occupants. At the same time, this route can be used by firefighters.

Fire rated glass is able to compartmentalise and restrict the movement of fire to enhance building safety. It can withstand high temperatures during a fire, although it is not indestructible. Protection levels are measured according to specific time frames, such as 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes. This refers to the time the glass provides protection, according to testing. Certain types of fire rated glass also provide a certain level protection against heat caused by a fire. Products without insulation are often called integrity-only glass.

Installing Fire Rated Glass

Using fire rated glass helps prevent the spread of fire to other parts of the property, thereby limiting damage. It also provides a safe path for building occupants to exit as well as an access route for first responders in case of a fire. In fact, using glass without any level of fire protection will make your building project non-compliant with Building Regulations.

The building safety is governed by the Building Regulations in England and Wales. In Scotland, requirements are set out in the Building Standards. Rules provide details related to fire protection, including designing and building adequate means of escape. Regulations also outline requirements related to preventing the spread of fire by using the right construction methods and materials. There are also rules related to providing sufficient access and facilities for fire services.

Using fire rated glass is an important aspect of promoting fire safety and making a building safe and the Building Regulations outline when this type of glass must be used. Fire rated glass is tested to BS 476 and any product you buy should meet this industry standard. Installing fire resistant glazing must be carried out to correct specifications in order to ensure it is effective. In order for it to work properly, the glass must be used with a fire resistant glazing system. This include using the right seal, fixing, frame and other glazing components that are compatible.

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