What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass which are fused together with a vinyl interlayer (polyvinyl butryal), which is placed in the middle of the glass materials to construct a robust and durable material.

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, our glass is formed using our state-of-the-art machinery which enables air pocket expulsion, followed by the process of melting and fusing the materials together.

We offer a variety of glass options with measurements from 4mm to 19mm with the following glass types:

Clear laminate glass

This type of glass is made up of two pieces of glass fused together with one or more layers of the durable plastic – polyvinyl butryal (PVB).

At Express Glass Warehouse, we manufacture Pilkington Optilam, which is the perfect laminated glass fixture to prevent breakages and increase security in your business or home. In the unlikely event of a break, there is a reduced risk of injury, as this type of glass is designed to break safely, with glass fragments cushioned by the interlayer.

Acoustic laminate glass

Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we produce Stapid Silence – a high-quality acoustic safety glass which is bonded together using PVB.

This type of glass is ideal for protecting your living or working environment, as well as significantly reducing noise pollution, especially when combined with double glazing.

White laminate glass

This is the perfect glass application for anyone who requires a satin or white effect for their glass décor, whilst also offering full safety and protective features that will last.

Similar to our clear glass, we utilise Pilkington Optilam to construct our white laminated glass. Not only is it extremely durable it also enhances the aesthetic of your furnishings.

Toughened laminated glass

At Express Glass Warehouse, we offer the combined service of our toughening and laminating processes to provide toughened laminated glass.

This is formed by fusing toughened glass with the sturdy interlayer – Pujol Evalam,  an extremely durable material as it is waterproof and provides a robust barrier which is basically impenetrable. These interlayers can be custom-made in a variety of colours to create the perfect bespoke designs, which can be used indoors for glass partitions or outside for glass balustrades.

How Express Glass Warehouse can help

At Express Glass Warehouse, we offer a full turnkey service, which includes first-rate glass toughening, processing, laminating and painting in order to construct the perfect glass designs for our clients.

If you are looking for a secure and visually pleasing solution, then our professional team at Express Glass Warehouse will happily assist you with the creation process. Producing the best-quality laminated glass and providing an extremely cost-effective solution, as standard.

If you wish to find out more about our service, you can speak to one of our expert team via email or call us on 020 8500 1188.