Planning to renovate your office? Have you considered using glass to transform your workspace? Here at Express Glass Warehouse, we can offer expert guidance to help you find the right office glass to suit your working environment.

As one of the leading toughened glass specialists in South East England, we can create everything from bespoke glass partition walls to office glass doors and more. This is possible due to our state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Cutting (CNC) machinery – which helps us produce bespoke glass office designs. 

The benefits of office glass 

1. Bespoke designs

Is your workspace looking tired? It may be time to update your office with our high-quality glass products. We offer a number of glass products including customised branding on our sandblasted, patterned, and decorative laminating glass. This could include your company logo or even some inspirational quotes to motivate staff.

Our customised glass offers a personalised touch to your office, allowing you to make your mark on your office premises. This will appear much more professional to visitors and will leave them with a lasting impression.

2. Create the illusion of a large workspace 

For businesses who receive regular visits from clients or third-party organisations, it is important that your office appears professional but also inviting. One way to do this is by using glass throughout your office, as it naturally reflects light – making even the smallest of spaces look expansive.

We offer a variety of glass types which help to create the appearance of space – from mirrored glass to Low-E glass partitions – and you can transform your workspace quickly and easily.

3. Increased privacy for meetings

We understand that one of the most important elements of running a business is the need for confidentiality and privacy, especially during meetings with senior management or training sessions.

To create the perfect meeting rooms, we would suggest choosing our frosted satin glass, an opaque material, which is ideal for maintaining compliance and privacy. You could also opt for our acoustic laminated glass, which is designed to cancel out external noises – reducing the possibility of outside disturbances. Both materials can be used for office glass doors or as glass office dividers to create a separate space away from the main work environment. 

Contact Express Glass Warehouse for office glass solutions

If you’re looking to freshen up your office – look no further than our first-rate toughened glass. This is manufactured using our top-quality glass polishing machines and laminating kiln to create bespoke office glass for your workspace.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for – add your chosen glass to your basket today. Or if you would like to find out more about our glass products and how they can help enhance your office, get in touch by calling us on 020 8500 1188. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. 

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