During these difficult times, we’re proud to be in a position where we can still offer our customers a high quality and reliable service. As the nation goes through a period of lockdown, understandably homeowners are looking for ways to make the best of a bad situation. So, if you’re finally getting around to doing those neglected house renovations – you’ve come to the right place.

At Express Toughening, we’re confident that we can help! Offering the highest quality glass applications, including everything from splashbacks and toughened glass to mirrors and fire glass – we’re your go-to toughened glass suppliers in Essex.

In a bid to work through some of our most frequently asked questions, our blog is going to be a dedicated place for all DIY renovations to see you through these uncertain times. And, this week we’re concentrating on the humble glass splashback, and whether this popular home application is really worth it!

Why consider glass splashbacks?

Splashbacks are a vital part of most kitchens and bathrooms and work to protect the walls from splashes, spills and general day-to-day grime. So, deciding whether to have a splashback or not is a bit of a no brainer. The difficulty comes with trying to select the right type of splashback for your home, and glass splashbacks have been a firm favourite for many years now.

Easy to wipe down and available in a range of styles, colours and patterns – glass has rivalled tiled splashbacks for the top spot, particularly in modern homes where glass is often deemed a more versatile choice. And adaptability isn’t the only benefit of opting for a glass splashback, here are some more:

  • Low-cost
  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Customisable

So, it’s easy to see why so many people want to know all they can about glass splashbacks before considering other options.

Glass splashbacks are great for busy households!

Nothing says low maintenance quite like glass. Although it may show up finger marks easily, it is just as easy to quickly wipe down at the end of a cooking session or on your way out the door!

If you have a large family, are an avid cook or just don’t want to spend large amounts of time cleaning up, glass splashbacks are an excellent choice. All you need to clean your glass splashbacks are some lint-free cloths and a simple, non-abrasive kitchen or glass cleaner, and you’re good to go!

Customisable glass splashbacks for all types of décor

Whether you have contemporary or traditional taste in interior design, glass splashbacks are versatile enough to fit in with the rest of your home with ease. We offer decorative splashback glass cut to size, as well as a host of colour variations to ensure that your kitchen or bathroom looks the part. You can even choose the type of glass you’d like to use, including toughened glassfire glass or low-e glass.

Are glass splashbacks expensive?

Okay, so time for arguably the most important question of all; are glass splashbacks affordable? If you’re watching the pennies, we can understand why this may be of great importance, and the good news is – yes – glass splashbacks are incredibly affordable!

Compared to other popular splashback materials, like tile, glass is incredibly well priced and still offers longevity, making it the perfect investment, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your home on a budget.

Contact Express Toughening for your glass splashback needs!

We hope today’s blog has offered some food for thought – but if you’re still wondering whether glass splashbacks are worth it, then why not get in touch with our team? We’re more than happy to discuss the kinds of splashback we have on offer and can answer any queries you might have.

Simply call us on 020 8500 1188 or drop us an email at info@expresstoughening.com. We are currently still shipping all bespoke glass orders, so you can be confident that during these difficult times, Express Toughening are here to help.

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