When designing your bathroom, you will want to consider your privacy options without compromising the aesthetic of the room. The best way to do this is by implementing obscure glass, which is perfect for bathroom windows, doors and shower panels. It will not only provide protection but can also enhance the design of your bathroom.

What is obscure glass?

Obscure glass is an opaque-looking glass which is produced through the process of acid etching. It provides a restricted view without reducing light emission. At Express Glass Warehouse (EGW), we provide our customers with the best quality obscure glass, which can improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom, and provides the following benefits:

Privacy protection

One of the most beneficial components of obscure glass is that it promotes privacy, especially our frosted satin glass, which can be used for showers, doors and windows, in order to prevent exposure in your private bathroom. Frosted glass windows works by visually blurring anything located inside the bathroom, in order to make your space as private as possible. We also offer patterned glass with varying privacy levels with 1 being the least obscured and 5 giving you the most privacy protection.

Energy efficient

One of the main advantages of implementing obscure glass is that it can brighten up your bathroom as, although the glass is translucent, it does not compromise light admittance and is extremely energy efficient. Our frosted satin glass filters sunlight making your bathroom appear lighter and airier, without too much heat penetrating the glass. This type of glass can also keep out the cold during winter months, resulting in lower energy bills.

Low maintenance

As your bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep clean in your home, you need something that is easy to maintain. Which is why obscure glass is the perfect application. Glass does not corrode or rust, so you only need to use a wet cloth to clean it. Compared to wood or plastic, glass is also extremely sustainable, which makes obscure glass an ideal investment, as your doors or windows will be extremely long-lasting.

Innovative designs

Our premium oriel collection is used to make your bathroom appear more aesthetically pleasing with a range of sophisticated patterns that will transform your space. Although it does not offer as many privacy benefits as our other products, it can be integrated with insulating glass units for thermal insulation and noise reduction. Our patterned glass offers a range of privacy and style options, allowing for a full revamp of your bathroom, making it brighter, more sophisticated and as private as you wish.

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At EGW, we take pride in our state-of-the-art glass making processes that enable the transformation of various spaces, fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Our obscure glass products allow you to feel secure in your private bathroom, whilst also allowing you to utilise our innovative designs to construct the perfect bathroom for you.  For further information on our obscure glass, please email or call us on 020 8500 1010.